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I don’t know how much of tonight’s NBC special with Adele will  reflect the performance we saw at Radio City Music Hall on November 17th. Some of it would have to be cut for time. Then there are the f-bombs. We stopped counting at 100. But there’s more F words in an Adele monolgue than n words in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

She did describe Bruno Mars as “cool as f—.” I doubt NBC viewers will hear that.

In the mezzanine, with an excellent view, I sat in the third row behind New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his wife. Around us were Daniel Day Lewis and his son Gabriel, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, and David Schwimmer. Down in the orchestra sat Donald and Melania Trump plus many “SNL” performers past and present. Jon Hamm was with them. So was Jane Krakowski.

Adele sings all her hits from her three albums, starting with “Hello” after Jimmy Fallon introduces her.  “I’ve been dying to do a f—ing show,” she says at the start.“This is for TV,” she advised the audience, “don’t pick your nose.”



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