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Today is the last day of the sales week in the record biz. Adele is at 319,617 copies of “25” with 80% of the total counted by hitsdailydouble.

Will she hit 5 million by midnight? So far Adele is over 4 million and counting. There was some expectation she would sell 750 K this week. But at this point, that’s a lot. There has to be a cooling off week and this is probably it.

Next week, on Monday the 14th, NBC airs her Radio City Special. That should push sales back through the roof for the remaining two weeks of 2015. “25” may still hit 7 million copies depending on reaction to the special. I haven’t seen it yet, but Lorne Michaels produced it. From what we saw live in Radio City, this should be a huge ratings getter.

Meantime. Ms Adkins holds the #1 position on the iTunes albums and singles charts. On amazon she holds down 1, 4, 7, and 19 on the physical CD and vinyl chart. The LP, selling at $22.99, is number 4 on the overall amazon chart! I just hope it’s mastered better than the CD I bought from Target, which was full of distortion.

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