Home Music Surprise! Adele Regains Number 1 Spot on iTunes, Coldcocks Coldplay

That didn’t last long. Coldplay‘s run at number 1 on iTunes is over, at least for now. “A Head Full of Dreams” has been coldcocked back to number 2 as guess-who regains her spot at number 1.

That would be ADELE! Surprise! Overnight the “25” album– now headed to 5 million in sales– is back at numero uno.

The whole incident, she might say, is Water under the bridge. It appears that there were people who didn’t have the album. Or her fans just stuffed the ballot box. Either way, Adele rules once more. We can all rest easy.

By the way, if anyone’s interested, Chris Isaak has a really good new album out on Vanguard Records. I bought it online yesterday. It’s called “First Comes the Night” and I’m enjoying just about every track. Squeeze also has a new CD out, although their people are keeping it very quiet. That’s the way it is now with artists from the 80s and 90s– shhhh…

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