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Shocker! Adele has been toppled. The wild ride of “25” has been interrupted. After 14 days and a record 4 million plus copies, Adele’s third album has been overtaken at number 1 on iTunes.

The new king of the hill? Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams.” The group’s new album was released yesterday, just as Adele’s amazing feat of having sold 1 million copies for two weeks in a row was announced.

The Queen is dead! Long live the kings!
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She is, however, still Number 1 on Amazon.

Of course, Adele could easily snap back into first place on iTunes after the Coldplay novelty has worn off. But really, “25” has sold so many copies this had to happen. Who doesn’t have a copy of it by now? Just people in isolated villages in the far reaches of the Andes, Amazon, Africa, and island chains in the Pacific. And Martians, although they may also have some there.

Is Adele rolling in the deep? No, because I don’t even know what means. She is rolling in the dough. And probably relieved. I’m a little sad it happened, sort of like Cal Ripken. But this may all revert in a few hours. Note the time: 6:30am, Saturday December 5. The world weeps.


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