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Thanks to the New York Film Critics. They gave Michael Keaton Best Actor in “Spotlight.” They moved him up from supporting actor status. Now he goes straight to the top of the list for the Academy Awards as “Spotlight” is the favored film.

Keaton will win the Oscar in lead. It’s a make up from last year’s loss in “Birdman” to Eddie Redmayne in “Theory of Everything.” Of course ironies abound: Keaton was directed in “Birdman” by Alejandro Innaritu, who now brings Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant.” But Keaton, who’s been waiting longer than Leo for his gold statue, will win. Mark my words.

Moving Keaton out of supporting gives Mark Ruffalo a chance to win in supporting for “Spotlight.” He’ll be pitted against today’s NYFCC winner Mark Rylance, and Sylvester Stallone. Close race, too close to call right now. If Stallone gets the Golden Globe, that may end his Oscar chances. The Academy will swing back to Ruffalo.

The “Spotlight” cast all wanted to be in supporting out of loyalty to one another. But they would lose a lot that way. Case in point: “Boyhood” couldn’t score Best Picture last year because it had no lead actor. (“Birdman” won because it had a best actor candidate, even if Keaton didn’t ultimately win.) “Spotlight” needs Keaton to captain them to gold. And Keaton should– his character, Robbie, holds the answer to a question asked in that movie. He’s the linchpin.

It’s all good for Leo, his day will come. And “The Revenant” will score many prizes. Remember: Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.

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