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Sylvester Stallone must be pinching himself this morning. In a good way. All that money and time spent on “Expendables 3” and he got nowhere. Frustrating. Then this kid comes along with an idea for a Rocky movie, and nowi Stallone’s in a hit and on his way to the Oscars.

That’s life!

Warner Bros. must be pretty happy too. After a string of flops, “Creed” is their hit of the season. Last night Ryan Coogler’s film made $11.7 million. They’re heading to a $40mil plus weekend. Stallone is in the Oscar race for Best Supporting Actor, and I think could win. It’s a gift after 40 years of good behavior in the film business. And Michael B. Jordan? My guess is he’s got nominations from the Globes and Critics Choice. He’s that good.

Coogler deserves all the credit. Back when “Fruitvale Station” was first screened he told me he had this idea and was waiting to see if it panned out. He’s going to be around a long time.

Stallone will find himself in a tough crowd for Supporting Actor: Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton from “Spotlight,” Christian Bale from “The Big Short,” Joel Edgerton from “Black Mass,” and Mark Rylance from “Bridge of Spies” are already there. Stallone will have to keep someone out, and hold off any potentials from “The Hateful Eight” and any surprises. But he could take it– people love a winner.

Watch “Creed” do even better tonight. Adrian! PS Look for the big turtle Rocky keeps in a tank at home. Nice touch.

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