Home Movies Thanksgiving Box Office: “Creed” Surprises, Nearly Ties “Good Dinosaur”

Thursday Thanksgiving Box office: “Creed” cummed at $12.5 million, adding $6.5 million to its total in two days. Good word of mouth and a Cinemascore of A is helping. Ryan Coogler’s wonderful film nearly tied “The Good Dinosaur,” which did $6.6 million. The dino is the lowest ever grossing Pixar movie, well behind “Frozen.”

“Creed” could upwards of $30 million. Warner Bros. needed a hit  and here it is. I wish they’d done some kind of premiere in New York. But it’s all good.

“Victor Frankenstein” doesn’t seem to be catching on. But “Spotlight” is in the limelight and doing excellent business. The possible Best Picture of the year. Go see it now.

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