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There is now a prediction that Adele will sell 5 (five) million copies of her “25” album between now and December 31st. This is thanks to hitsdailydouble.com. Here’s their little chart:


Is it possible? And when does the backlash begin? Adele is getting overexposed very quickly. There are dozens of “interviews” all over the web, all clickbait with ridiculous one off quotes. She’s giving her opinion on everything. You know what? A little mystery goes a long way!

Something weird and I guess modern is going on, too. We’re not allowed to have serial singles– first “Hello,” then in a couple of months a new one. No– it’s not like that any more. Everything is a single! The “Whole” must consumed quickly and instantly. No waiting! You must like the whole thing NOW. It all must be a hit NOW.

Caution: this is what killed “Desperate Housewives” on TV and is killing “Empire” now. We’re burning this stuff out too fast.

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