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“The Hunger Games–Mockingjay Part 2” opened to a series low this weekend with $101 million. This is down 36% from the original film. It’s also way off from the numbers that were being suggested last week by LionsGate– up to $134 million.

What happened? Hubris. This film had good reviews. But there was little interest left in this enterprise to start with. The studio just left it up to the fans, and the fans were ambivalent. Still, LionsGate makes money from the whole thing. It’s just that they end on a down note.

For Jennifer Lawrence, it was a great pay day. And now she comes with David O. Russell’s “Joy,” which looks very very promising for Oscar season.

On Friday, Lions Gate stock ended down $1.20 or 3.31% at $35.02. That’s not too bad off its high for the last year, but we’ll see how it does on Monday based on this information.

Elsewhere, Oscar certain “Spotlight” and “Carol” each did very well over the weekend. Brad and Angelina’s “By the Sea” is now at $312,597 total.

DOA: “The Secret in their Eyes” starring Julia Roberts, with Nicole Kidman. It made $6,633,000 in wide release. DOA, VOD, etc. I could really get into a whole megillah about this, but why bother? It’s over.

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