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UPDATE The Friday number was $46 million, even lower than originally thought.

EARLIER I can’t remember the last time a series finale was less successful than its prior — or penultimate — episode. Such is the case for “The Hunger Games, Part 4, Mockingjay, Part 2.”

Two days ago there were weekend guestimates for this movie as high as $134 million. Then that came down to $121 million. Next, we heard $114 million.

Now the word is $104 million will be the top, and most of that will be reported this morning from a combination of Thursday and Friday nights.

Somewhere there was a big miscalculation about the interest in this film. Me, I am not surprised. The teens in my family were extremely apathetic about “MJ Pt 2.” They said the book wasn’t very good, and that it shouldn’t have been split into two movies. They could wait to see the finale.

Then comes Page Six’s report that the cast wouldn’t give red carpet interviews in New York this week, and were partying privately. In Los Angeles they wouldn’t give interviews, so the studio claimed it was in solidarity with the Paris shootings. Such hooey. What the heck do these things have to do with each other?

The principals are obviously so well paid and so over it they don’t care. Maybe they sense the audience doesn’t much either. We’ll see what the numbers are shortly.

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