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On Thursday night, “By the Sea,” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, made $5,908. That’s less than they spend on lunch with their six kids, nannies and bodyguards.

From Monday-Thursday this week, “By the Sea” lured almost no customers. It made $32,000 in four weekdays. Its total is now $127,000.

Friday night should not be much better. Indeed, this is likely the last week “By the Sea” is in any theaters. Rejected by reviewers and audiences, the Pitt-Jolie experiment is headed to video and VOD.

Even abroad, there’s not much interest. So far “By the Sea” has only been released in Italy and Sweden. Europeans, like Americans, probably think it’s a foreign film. The question is, where is not one?

So far this has been a dreary season for “movie stars.” Johnny Depp in “Black Mass” has been so so. Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper each have had disasters. This weekend, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman are in one together. Now we can add Brangelina.

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