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It looks like Cate Blanchett can’t possibly do everything even though we think of her as Super woman. She was supposed to direct Herman Koch’s “The Dinner” from a screenplay by Oren Moverman. But now I hear Moverman– director of “The Messenger” and screenwriter of “Love and Mercy”– will direct it himself.

Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, and Marisa Tomei will star in the adaptation of the highly regarded novel. Gere just starred in Moverman’s “Time Out of Mind.”

As for Blanchett she will probably find work as an actress, I hear she’s pretty good. Seriously, she’s in two Oscar buzzed performances right now– “Carol” and “Truth”– and she’s probably signed up for 40 more things as well.

Hopefully, “The Dinner” will go to a better distributor than Moverman’s had for “Love and Mercy”– which was botched– and “Time out of Mind,” which was a disappointment. He’s one of our best writer-directors going forward. And of course, anything with Marisa Tomei is gold, and it’s not just George Costanza who feels that way!

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