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Adele is making records and breaking records. Hitsdailydouble reports that pre-orders for “25” are at 500,000, with 100,000 of those coming from Amazon. Sure enough, “25” is number 1 on the Amazon album chart. It’s number 2 on iTunes, but that will change on Friday at 12:01 am.

Last night at Radio City Music Hall, a friend of mine from Sony proposed that Adele could sell upwards of 1 million copies in her first week of sales for “25.” This person then said, “Maybe 2 million, we don’t know.” Wow. This after Justin Bieber and One Direction combined sold 1 million albums this past week. The record biz is back! For now!

Adele currently has all three of her albums on the iTunes top 10, quite a feat. And clips from last night’s show are all over YouTube. Still, I expect the December 3rd NBC special to be highly rated. You want to see the whole hour cut together properly.

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