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The weekend pop sales race among pop tarts One Direction and Justin Bieber is over. We’ll see numbers soon, but from iTunes the clear winner is Bieber’s “Purpose” at number 1. One Direction’s “Made in the AM” has remained steady at number 2.

The whole race for number 1 is moot, though, as Adele’s “25” is released on Friday. Expectations are for more than 1 million copies sold in the first week. Pre-orders may already be at that level. Plus Adele will be doing publicity all week, appearing at Radio City Music Hall tomorrow night and on “Saturday Night Live.”

As for Bieber vs. One Direction: the latter group has not drummed up much excitement for its singles, while Bieber has about a dozen individual tracks showing up on the iTunes chart. It’s definitely a marketing battle. Starting with the viral media plan for “What Do You Mean?” Bieber’s people have just played the whole thing right. Bieber also made a bunch of videos for the new songs.

One Direction may have the better album. But they’ve already said they’re taking a break. Their marketing is a lot more DIY, laid back. They have really one hit single, “Perfect,” at number 17. No one’s really worked the individual tracks. I’m surprised.

Anyway, this will only last until Friday. Then Adele will eat them all for breakfast.

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