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James Bond “Spectre” hit $130 million this weekend, which is no slouch. Every studio would like that hit. Still, Bond 24 is running $30 mil behind “Skyfall.” Well, the latter movie was a phenom because it was excellent, and it had the Adele song. Can you imagine if Adele had the “Spectre” song right now as she was launching her new album? OMG as they say.

Alas, Sam Smith has the “Spectre” song. No one wants to hear it. Last night Smith appeared on “Saturday Night Live” to sing with Disclosure on one of their songs. He didn’t even promote “Writing’s on the Wall.” He also now sounds a lot like Michael McDonald. Maybe he can cover “What a Fool Believes” next or have a sing off with Jimmy Fallon, who imitates McDonald perfectly.

Meantime, Brad and Angelina scored just $95,000 on “By the Sea” at 10 theaters. Let’s just say crowds did not race to their cinemas to see the most famous couple in moviedom harangue each other in soft focus. I still say this movie has to be based on the famous song from “Sweeney Todd,” as seen here:

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