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TRUMP DEFEATS CLINTON– Well, this is a headline Donald Trump probably dreams about. It came true last night as his “Saturday Night Live” episode beat Hillary Clinton’s from six weeks ago. According to tvbythenumbers, Trump took a 6.6/16 in households and in adults 18-49, the episode drew a 2.7 rating, tops for the show since February 2014.

Face it, a lot of people hate watched just to see what Trump would do to offend some racial group. He didn’t do anything. But his mere presence, and lack of respect for literally anyone in the world, is puerile.

This bested Hillary Clinton’s otherwise excellent ratings from the season opener when Miley Cyrus was host and musical guest.

Trump’s big ratings didn’t do a lot for musical act Sia, who is at number 17 on iTunes. I liked her songs but her performance art and masks are really obscuring the music at this point. It’s big unnecessary distraction.

Trump himself added little to the show. He even absented himself from a sketch by “live-Tweeting.” That sketch and a few others were duds, frankly. The taped pieces did the best. And anything of course with Kate McKinnon.

Lorne Michaels is still the smartest guy in TV. He knew bringing Trump in would boost ratings. And coming up Michaels has Adele at Radio City, and then on “SNL.” He’s got the world on a string, as Sinatra sang.


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