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Pamela Anderson has declared herself cured of Hepatitis C. That’s great, and I’m sure a relief to her family.

But what about her 501c3 personal foundation? The Pamela Anderson Foundation. For some reason I thought she established it to help other Hep C sufferers. I was incorrect.

The Foundation, according to all of its Form 990 filings going back to 2007, does nothing. I am not sure why it exists. Anderson has made a total of three donations in all these years. She gave $5000 to a group that helps find water in third world countries, in 2013. In 2008 she made donated $5000 for helping homeless children.

And in 2013, she turned over $100,000 donated to her foundation by now ex husband Rick Salamon to an anti-fracking group. (It may have been part of their divorce.)

But in almost all the years Pamela Anderson Foundation has existed, its accounts have held either no money or a couple hundred dollars. Often the tax return recorded “0” in assets or activity.

Nevertheless, she’s selling a pre owned $100,000 Tiffany ring in her website’s store, as well as other memorabilia.  She’s also selling her Baywatch bathing suit for $50,000.

If she’s given money to PETA or any other group that her foundation’s website says she supports, it wasn’t through this Foundation.  Nevertheless, her site says:

“Pamela Anderson’s philanthropic work – stems from her need to share the attention she gets… with meaning — her love of animals and empathetic style – has drawn her naturally to organizations like PETA — LCS, Mercy for Animals, Sam Simon Foundation and the rest. She has traveled the world Campaigning for the vulnerable.Supporting those on the front lines.”


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