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The first post- George Stevens Kennedy Center Honors is jinxed. For the first time ever, an honoree– or honorees, in this case– has to postpone and not appear on the show.

The Eagles have announced they can’t make the show because of Glenn Frey’s impending surgery for “intestinal issues.” The wire story issued officially attributes Frey’s long history of illness to “broads, burgers, blow.” It’s likely the last of those three probably caused some problems. To paraphrase an Eagles song, Frey didn’t “take it easy.”

Of course, there’s real concern about whatever is actually wrong with Frey, who’s had solo hits too like “You Belong to the City.” Let’s hope he heals quickly.

For the Kennedy Center, it’s a first to lose an honoree a month before the show is taped. They still have five others– including Carole King, George Lucas and Rita Moreno. But the Eagles were the first rock group ever to be inducted. It was a ploy by the new Kennedy Center execs to turn the show into more of a rock concert. And it inadvertently backfired.

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  1. A couple of mistakes in your story. First, Paul McCartney had to cancel his honor as it fell on the same day his daughter was getting married. He received his honor a couple of years later. Also, the Eagles aren’t the first rock group to be honored. Led Zeppelin was honored a couple of years ago and The Who (Daltrey/Townshend) were honored as well.

  2. the eagles were never a ‘rock’ group…they were country/folk pop…that’s why they had so much trouble with andy johns when they went to england to record…glenn frey wanted to sound like the rock acts that johns was used to working with, like the stones and zeppelin, but eventually johns had it out with frey explaining to him that they weren’t rock and they never would be…frey also had an issue with the eagles tribute album that came out featuring all country artists…the eagles being called a ‘rock band’ is just glenn frey’s delusion…

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