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Pop brat Justin Bieber is having a bad bad time.

Adele and One Direction are stealing his thunder as the clock counts down to all three releasing new albums at the same time.

Adele’s “25” comes on November 20th, one week after Bieber’s “Purpose” and One Direction’s “Made in the AM” collide on the 13th.

All signs point to Bieber finishing second to One Direction on their debut. And then the next week Adele is supposedly wiping the floor with each of them. Her “25” will sell over a million copies in its debut by all accounts. It’s the top selling album by pre-orders on all services.

So Bieber, a petulant child whose monotone music is now dotted by bird sounds, isn’t reacting well. He had not one but two meltdowns abroad in the last 48 hours. He walked out of a Spanish radio interview because he didn’t understand what was going on. Then he walked off the stage in Oslo during a TV taping after someone spilled water on the stage.

The irony is that his latest single is called “Sorry.” He isn’t. He’s still the same Bieber who’s abused people, spit on fans, had a few arrests, and made fun of Anne Frank.

Adding Charlie Puth, Halsey, Nas, and a bunch of guest artists to cover his deficiencies isn’t enough. Sorry!

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