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My favorite Seinfeld episode is the one where Dr. Tim Watley converts to Judaism and starts making jokes that include rabbi’s. Jerry accuses Tim of becoming Jewish “for the jokes.” In the same way, I am convinced that Bruce Jenner switched sexes just to get awards. After all, he wasn’t getting any trophies any more as Bruce, but he used to get lots of them. How to get some more?

Of course, I am joking. But look at this: Caitlyn Jenner is now being honored with a Lifetime Achievement award from Glamour Magazine.  She’s listed among a group that includes Victoria Beckham, Misty Copeland, Elizabeth Holmes, Cecile Richards, Reese Witherspoon, the Women of Charleston, and the U.S. women’s national soccer team. Really?

This is all happens on November 9th at Carnegie Hall. Bravo to Caitlyn. She’s made very profitable lemonade from lemons. She is the American success story!


photo via Glamour by Ben Hassert

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