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There were a lot of well known peeps at the premiere of John Wells’s “Burnt” Tuesday night. Some came for the screening at MoMA, others popped into the after party at Mario Batali’s Otto Restaurant at One Fifth Avenue.

Of course, stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys made the scene. But I also ran into two greats– Christopher Lloyd of “Taxi” and “Back to the Future” fame, and the amazing Paul Sorvino. I asked Chris Lloyd what he thought Jim Ignatowski might be up to if a rumored “Taxi” reunion ever took place. We surmised he might be a big shot at Apple or in the Silicon Valley, a billionaire. You never know.

Also spotted: Bradley Cooper’s “Elephant Man” costars Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola (who came with wife Emily Mortimer). But they just missed Brad, who left early for a cool after after party in Chelsea.

Also ran into Jill Hennessy and husband Paolo Mastopietro. They tell me that since Jill’s first Cutting Room show, she’s been booking shows like crazy and selling out (in addition to being a semi-regular on “Madame Secretary”– producers make her a regular already!). Jill has shows coming up in L.A., Nashville, and Santa Fe. Don’t miss her.

More tomorrow from our Paula Schwartz on “Burnt.” Happy to say Matthew Rhys finally gets to act with his real Welsh accent. “Burnt” opens October 30th…

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