Home Celebrity Mike Nichols, Beloved and Missed, Finally Getting Memorial Service

Mike Nichols has been gone since last November 20th. Even though friends gathered at Campbell’s funeral parlor (lots of celebs) there’s never been a formal memorial service.

Now I’m told that one is in the works. The word is that Lorne Michaels, Brian Lourd, and Barry Diller are somehow involved, and that the tentative date is November 8th. Location is still undetermined but Lincoln Center or a Broadway theater would seem proper.

Mike was beloved and is still sorely missed. You can imagine what a memorial would be like, with music from the likes of Carly Simon and Steve Martin at least, maybe even Simon and/or Garfunkel. Speakers could range from Elaine May to Candice Bergen, Meryl Streep, and a staggering array of stars. Perhaps even Mike’s widow Diane Sawyer would say a few words.

We’re waiting for more exact word. But here’s hoping this happens. New York, and the world, really miss Mike Nichols. We want to say goodbye properly!

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