Home Music Janet Jackson’s Stunning Comeback: “Unbelievable” Finishes at Number 1

Janet Jackson was all but written off for several years until this past summer.

Now this week her new album “Unbreakable” debuts at number 1 with 105,000 copies. Janet’s audience was big on having the CD or the download. Her streaming figures only added about 6,000 copies.

This is in contrast to much younger artist The Weeknd. He had 24,000 streams last week to bring his total to 59,000 including CDs and downloads.

You see, the older audience wants to own the music. It means something to them. The younger audience figures they can listen on their subscription, it’s all disposable.

On amazon.com “Unbreakable” is hanging in there at number 3. On iTunes, it’s down to 22 already.

Janet’s comeback is a nice vindication for her. Her last couple of albums over at Universal were disasters. When she left the stage to get married no one assumed she could roar back. But “Unbreakable” has great reviews. It’s had one minor hit in “No Sleeep.” Now if her team can break one song as a top 100 hit, Janet will have a nice run.

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