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The nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are:

The Cars, Chaka Khan, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Chic, Deep Purple, The J.B.’s, Janet Jackson, Los Lobos, Steve Miller, N.W.A, Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths, The Spinners and Yes.

And this represents a move to regain some respect for the Rock Hall, which was pretty much down on its luck in that department. While a number of people are still MIA– from Carly Simon to Harry Nilsson to Roxy Music– the list is interesting.

N.W.A. has a good chance of getting in now that “Straight Outta Compton” has been such a big hit.

Then there are 70s acts Yes, Steve Miller Band and Chicago, which should have been in a long time ago. Chicago has long been a point of contention. Steve Miller doesn’t care one way or another, but he should be there.

The Cars and Cheap Trick are acknowledgement of the New Wave era, which has been overlooked. I favor the Cars, but Cheap Trick has their fans.

Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and The Spinners are long overdue. And the Rock Hall is always negligent in R&B. They all deserve to get in before N.W.A.

Not on this year’s list, again, shamefully: Sting, as a solo act. And Bon Jovi. J. Geils still overlooked, despite Peter  Wolf being used by Jann Wenner like a door stop. No Moody Blues, Chubby Checker, or Stax’s Rufus and Carla Thomas.

The J.B.s should be inducted IMMEDIATELY as side men, with all members– Fred Wesley, Bobby Byrd, Maceo Parker, et al. They shouldn’t even be on the list for voting. Ridiculous. Other side man glaringly absent: Billy Preston.

Producers Richard Perry and Phil Ramone (posthumous) should also get special awards this year.

PS If I were some of these artists, I’d cut Jann Wenner, his family and friends off from the free tickets he requests for their shows until they’re in. Really. The phoniness is very Salinger-esque at this point.



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