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Before Michael Jackson came in and bought the Beatles catalog out from underneath Paul McCartney, the pair worked on a few songs together. They had two big hits — “The Girl is Mine” and “Say Say Say.” They also made a rarely acknowledged gem called “The Man.”

For McCartney’s new reissue of his “Pipes of Peace” album, he’s had “Say Say Say” remixed and remade, with a unique twist. They’ve reversed the vocals so Jackson leads off and McCartney follows. Is it better than the original? You be the judge.

McCartney oversaw the remixes of songs for the re-issued albums. I have to say, they are very very good. “Pipes of Peace” and “Tug of War” are two of his best solo recordings. “Flaming Pie” and “Flowers in the Dirt” should be next.

Here’s the new “Say Say Say”

and the old one:

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