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For Roger Waters, it’s another brick through the window. He’s written another crazy anti-Semitic essay on Salon.com– which they, by the way, love to publish.

Waters, once with a group called Pink Floyd but still capitalizing on their music, has written a screed on Salon to Jon Bon Jovi and his band because they’re playing in Israel tonight.

Shalom, Bon Jovi. I hope you have a wonderful concert. Some wimp from England is not going to tell Jersey Boy Jon Bon Jovi what to do.

Roger Waters, not even a fresh divorce can make him shut his mouth. He routinely attacks artists who play in Israel, from Paul McCartney to Dionne Warwick to the Rolling Stones and Alicia Keys, among others.

I think what’s interesting is that this past week, one thing did make Waters shut his pie hole– money. He paid for a lunch to promote the concert film of his tour, called “The Wall,” where he cashes in on his past fame. I refused to attend because of his attitude towards Israel. Several others refused, as well. I’m told that there was no mention of his anti-Semitic stand or politics, just chit chat to promote the movie.

The movie of “The Wall,” by the way, will not be distributed in Israel, I am told. The Israelis are being spared Waters’ hoary take on World War II. They can listen to Pink Floyd’s greatest hits on YouTube if anyone cares. At this point, I’d be happy to hear Waters was on the Dark side of the moon.

No thinking person should buy “The Wall” when it comes out on DVD. Let’s send a statement back to Roger Waters. It makes sense now that the first line “We don’t need your education” from “Another Brick in the Wall” was written by him. Roger Waters, you absolutely do need some education. And fast.

PS It’s no coincidence that Pink Floyd’s mascot is a pig. You know something isn’t Kosher there.

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