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Picture this at the Oscars: a sing off between Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. And they’d be singing songs by respectively two amazing female songwriters, Diane Warren and Linda Perry.

Last night we heard Miley’s new song, “The Hands of Love,” written by Perry for the Julianne Moore- Ellen Page movie “Freeheld,” co- starring Michael Shannon. The movie is a little gem, and the real story of how Freehold NJ police detective Laurel Hester (Moore) fought to leave her pension to domestic partner Stacie Andree (Page). This only happened a few years ago, before gay marriage was legal. The fight became national news as Hester was dying of lung cancer and wanted to ensure that Andree would be considered her rightful heir.

The screening in huge Roy Thomson Hall was unmitigated success, boding well for the October 1st release of the film. Everyone is top notch in Peter Smollett’s film, but Moore — with a showier role– could pick up awards buzz for her fearless portrayal of Hester. On the other hand, Moore is also so exceptionally good in Rebecca Miller’s very funny comedy “Maggie’s Plan,” that she could be running against herself.

Indeed it was Julianne Moore Day in Toronto.

Meanwhile, Miley’s song is a huge sweeping anthem, written by Perry just for the film. No one knew it was coming, but the audience stayed. The song is magnificent.

So what will we do? Lady Gaga’s “Til it Happens to You” is just as good if not better. The Oscars are going to be like the Grammys.

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