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Johnny Depp is making a resurgence. Early reviews are in and he’s looking good for Oscar contention in “Black Mass.”

In Scott Cooper’s movie, Depp plays Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. The Warner Bros. film is violent because it has to be, but from the sound of it, Depp is excellent.

You know you’re in good shape when good reviews come in from both Variety’s Scott Foundas and THR’s Todd McCarthy.

Foundas says: “…quality-starved adult moviegoers should flock to one of the fall’s first serious, awards-caliber attractions.”

McCarthy writes: “Long-time Depp fans who might have lately given up hope of his doing something interesting anytime soon will especially appreciate his dive into the deep end here…”

Depp, other than “Pirates of the Carribbean” movies, has pretty much been in a career disaster the last few years. Between “Mortdecai” and “The Lone Ranger,” he was almost out of business.

Of course, it’s not Disney– which has invested a lot of money in him– that will get the benefit of his Renaissance. It’s Warner’s. The movie business is like a roulette wheel, you see.

Depp has a lot of competition for those five Best Actor spots. And the season is just kicking off. But right now, he’s got the lead pole position, right next to Jake Gyllenhaal (“Southpaw”) and not far from the returning C3PO.

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