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The ratings for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday were dismal. Down 38& from last year if you were watching the actual MTV channel.

However, all totaled from all MTV platforms, they were up 10%. But that’s a stat only MTV can use for spin. The reality is, millions didn’t return from last year. And millions had already left from the year before.

Drawn conclusions? The current crop of pop pap isn’t as appealing to the fans as it is to the tabloids and paparazzi. This is borne out in sales of records– they are nil. All the hype and costumes and four letter words and drug references are a turn off.

The reality is — the music is bad and all sounds the same. The videos are self-referential tributes to celebrity kids spending lots of money with nothing to show for it. Miley Cyrus looked like Cher acting like Lady Gaga. And apparently her constant references to weed and smoking marijuana were cool just to her.

I watched the whole show. My take away was that Taylor Swift won a lot of awards, and has great legs. Only Tori Kelly seemed like she took the music seriously. I’d like to see more of her.

As far as Justin Bieber crying, please. Grow up already.

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