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What a night in Las Vegas! Forget the boxing matches. The real drama is at Caesar’s Palace where superstar Celine Dion is starting three nights of shows after a year’s hiatus.

But there’s more: as Celine sings, her husband and the father of her children, Rene Angelil, lies in his deathbed nearby, just about to succumb to throat cancer after a valiant battle.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Celine is giving interviews saying this is it, she’s done her grieving, and has already said goodbye to Rene.

She could be on stage when Rene passes away. The phone call could come just as she finishes her encore.

Celine’s interview with USA Today indicates she may be in a bit of denial. Was there no way to cancel these shows? Well, the show must go on, and Celine has made her peace.

Rene crafted Celine’s career from top to bottom. During her heyday on the charts in the 90s he was her Colonel Parker. Their story will make quite a dramatic movie.

Wait: Rene may come to the show tonight. Stay tuned…

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