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Broadway’s “Doctor Zhivago” didn’t make it this past spring; the stage production was beautiful but unwieldy.

Luckily, Lucy Simon’s wonderful songs live on in a just-released cast album. Below you can watch the 12 minute exclusive video of the making of the album. I think the songs stand on their own. They are really beautiful. My guess is, one day in the near future new producers will try again with “Doctor Zhivago” and these songs will already be well known to fans of the album.

Exclusive video

And here’s an earlier video of a song I really liked from the show called “Love Finds You”:

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  1. Without a doubt the most moving musical ever written or performed. A brilliant score and exquisite lyrics bring Boris Pasternak’s epic tale to life in a new and infinitely poignant way. Hats off to the creative team for their beautiful cohesion of three separate elements – music, lyrics and the storyline – all enhanced by a gorgeous set and fabulous lighting. And in sincere appreciation to two brilliant casts for their talent and dedication to make it the best a musical could possibly be.
    I had the privilege of seeing the Australian version on four separate occasions, including from the front row during the very sad final Australia performance held in the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane on the 14th of July 2011, and then again in the Broadway Theatre for its exciting NYC opening in April 2015. My heart was stirred during every single performance and each time I left the theatre, that glorious music was cascading through my mind and soul. To have this cast recording made for the world to share means so many others can now witness its beauty and perfection wherever they go. I am so very grateful to each and every one involved in this magnificent piece of work.

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