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EXCLUSIVE Where to invade next? How about Toronto? I’m told that Michael Moore’s stealth documentary of that name is the real opening night film for the 2015 Toronto Film Festival.

TIFF had previously announced Jean Marc Vallee’s “Demolition” starring Jake Gyllenhaal as its opener. But that film will play at 6:30pm. And it’s filling the spot reserved for Canadian filmmakers. Also, “Demolition” won’t open until next March 2016.

But I’m told TIFF has scheduled “Where to Invade Next” (no question mark) for the coveted 9:30 spot. No one can recall a documentary ever getting this appointment. Of course, a Michael Moore movie about the military industrial complex is sure to grab headlines. And it will be a hot hot ticket. No one knows what it’s really about, and so far there’s no announced distributor.

I’ll have some more news on Monday about TIFF2015, which may be the best TIFF of all time. Tell my pals at Mercurio’s restaurant on West Bloor to get the pasta started now!

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