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The big news this morning is that roughly the same people who went to the last couple of “Mission Impossible” movies saw “Rogue Nation” Thursday and Friday.

“Rogue Nation” did $4.4 mil on Thursday and another $16 million or so last night. This is pretty much on par for “Ghost Protocol” and number 3, the one with Michelle Monagahan. “Rogue Nation” will do $52 mil or so for the weekend. Not a record anything. But Tom Cruise is still in the game despite his nuttiness.

Is it a good thing? Yes. That’s a lot of money. Is it a bad thing? No, but ticket prices are higher now and the movie was in iMax too, so maybe it’s not quite as many people.

In other news, “Vacation,” which got terrible reviews, is a dud. But it will probably break even down the line.

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