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In the pack of titles announced today for the Toronto Film Festival: a “stealth” film by Michael Moore called “Where to Invade Next.” So far there is no distributor. The whole thing is being handled by WME and Ari Emanuel, the “real” Ari from “Entourage (if you didn’t know) whose brother is the mayor of Chicago.

Moore’s been shooting on the sly– (I wondered why he’d been so quiet lately.) Moore’s film is definitely timed to current events, although I think his work is getting more anecdotally interesting than headline making. But we’ll see come September. This is going to be the hottest ticket in Toronto, by far.

The doc will explore the military industrial complex, a subject no one can be tired of and is always eye opening no matter what your political affiliation.

Moore is the winner of the 2003 Best Documentary Oscar for “Bowling for Columbine,” a movie that reverberates now as every week we hear about another mass shooting somewhere. His other hit documentaries with lasting impact include “Fahrenheit 911,” “Sicko” and “Roger and Me.”

Keep refreshing, as details come in…

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