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Joseph Jackson is just now out of surgery at Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paolo Brazil. I am told exclusively that he had permanent pace maker surgery this morning after having a temporary pace maker installed last night.

Mr. Jackson was in a perilous situation yesterday after his “heart stopped for 10 seconds” according to my sources. His heart stopped while he was being examined for a burst artery behind his eye. “He’d been feeling fatigued even after the doctors told him that he could wait to have the eye looked at in the US,” says my source.

Plans are unfolding to fly Mr. Jackson home to the US as soon as possible. I’m told that the Michael Jackson estate has offered to help in any way. “They’ve been incredibly cooperative and generous,” says my source.

Luckily, Mr. Jackson is traveling with two business associates. “If he’d been alone, he wouldn’t have made it.”

More to come…

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