Home Celebrity Exclusive: Bobbi Kristina Brown Remains in Hospice After One Month

Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in hospice one month after she arrived. I’ve confirmed that she’s still alive, has not passed away yet, and has not had a funeral.

The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown entered an Atlanta hospice one month ago. But as has been pointed out, the 22 year old is young, was not suffering from a debilitating illness. It’s taking her body a much longer time to shut down.

Anyone who’s been through this process knows how agonizing it is for the family. Photos of a white tent and hearses pulling in and out of Peachtree Hospice made tabloids draw conclusions of all kinds. But I am told the white tent was erected to give some privacy to families of other patients. Hearses, of course, are a natural occurrence at a hospice.

I am assured that when Bobbi Kristina passes an official announcement will be made right away. She will have a private and low key funeral and burial near her mother’s grave. What’s happened to her is a tragedy.

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