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The real story this weekend wasn’t that “Ant Man” fell short of $60 million– it did $58 million and probably a little less.

The story is that “Trainwreck” made $30 million and maybe a little more. Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer hit the sweet spot for comedies, and raked it in. The movie built on word of mouth and continues to. Plus, Schumer and Apatow keep doing publicity well after the movie opens. They are persistent. And it’s paid off handsomely. “Trainwreck” is turning into a big hit, a la “Bridesmaids.” I have no idea what Schumer would do as a follow up– “Trainwreck” is basically her story– but it almost doesn’t matter.

Kudos to Bill Hader, who’s getting lost in the PR mix. He’s made a nice transition from “SNL” to comedy leading man.

“Ant Man” did fine– who doesn’t want to make $58 million? So it’s a little less than big Marvel movies. Maybe it’s also a little smarter, or funnier. The second “Ant Man” will be much bigger, and everyone will Marvel at that. And now at least Paul Rudd can eat something.

Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” averaged over $37K in five theaters. He’s off to a good start. If Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix do some publicity this week and next, they might be rewarded with decent box office and some awards buzz later in the year. Parker Posey needs a Supporting Actress campaign. She is excellent in this film.

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