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Robin Thicke is back. His “Blurred Lines” Marvin Gaye debacle wasn’t enough for him.

Now he poses this question? Can Thicke actually write a whole original song that sounds like something no one else has done? The answer is No!

His new song, “Morning Sun,” uses a fully orchestration track from the late, great and totally original Barry White. The whole underpinning sounds like it comes from one of Barry’s hits. And it does!

This time Interscope got smart, and put Barry’s name on the song credits. I sure hope Barry’s estate got a big license for “Morning Sun.” My question is, why does anyone listen to or buy records from someone who just riffs on old music? I think the real Robin Thicke was the guy on that atrocious “Paula” album that sold 8 copies and sounded like crap.

Here’s Morning Sun:

And here’s Barry:

And here’s Robin’s other big Marvin Gaye rip:

And Marvin’s classic Trouble Man:

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