Home Celebrity Vanessa Redgrave’s Grandson, Micheal Neeson, Joins Family Acting Dynasty

The Redgraves do have a family business.

First there was Sir Michael Redgrave and his wife Rachel Kempson, each famous and revered British actors. Then there were the children– Vanessa, Lynn, and Corin. The granddaughters, Vanessa’s kids– Natasha (Richardson) and Joely (Richardson), joined the business next. Not to mention those girls’ father, Natasha’s late husband, director Tony Richardson.

Now there’s Micheal Neeson, son of Liam Neeson and the beloved, late Natasha. The 20 year old grandson of Vanessa Redgrave is going to make his acting debut playing Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary. Liam Neeson, his dad, played the role in a movie named “Michael Collins” 19 years ago.

Micheal Neeson joins the Redgrave family dynasty now. It was only a month ago that he opened a fashion boutique in London’s SoHo neighborhood. He also gave interviews about going off the deep end when his mother tragically died. Neeson went to rehab and straightened himself out.

He immediately becomes a new character for the London press to hound into submission. I hope he’s ready.

Oh that weird way of spelling Michael as “Micheal”– it’s a variant, it’s hard to remember, but will make him stick out. It was very popular in the 1950s, not so much now.

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