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Carly Simon, one of the great singer songwriters of all time, turns 70 years young today. Is this possible? Carly, the smart man’s sex symbol of the actual 70s, is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite more than a dozen hits and even more album tracks that have stood the test of time. The most famous of course is “You’re So Vain,” produced by Richard Perry, with vocals by Mick Jagger:


There are plenty more hits including You Belong to Me:

and an Oscar for “Let the River Run” from “Working Girl”:

also one of the most popular of all the James Bond theme songs, “Nobody Does it Better”:

Carly’s brutally honest and poetic lyrics established what became known as “confessional” songwriting in pop. Her buttery rich vocals often underscored the pain or yearning of the songs. And no matter how incisive the lyrics, the melodies are always haunting and memorable. When it comes to writing a hook, nobody does it better.

Why isn’t she in the Rock Hall? It’s just another of their transgressions. But I do hope “oldies” and “adult” radio will make a day of it today, and put “Anticipation.” or “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heart it Should Be,” or “Coming Around Again” on their playlists and celebrate Simon’s birthday. What’s she working on now? Finishing her memoirs, which should be out in 2016, and an album of her songs sung by other singers.

Happy Birthday Carly!

PS There was never anyone anywhere in the media named “Carly” before Carly Simon. From Carly Rae Jepsen to all the Carly’s on TV, they were all named for the one and only Ms. Simon, I assure you.

Watch this clip of Carly acting in “Perfect”– and yes, that chub face is Jann Wenner, who runs the Rock Hall:

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