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Rick Ross, one of the more violent and anti-social rappers with millions of dollars, was arrested today in Georgia. According to TMZ, the charges are kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

Just two weeks ago, Ross was pulled over in his Bentley because his windows were tinted too dark. The car reeked of pot and he was arrested.

I’m not kidding. His Bentley. Stupid kids have given him so much money that that’s his drive.

A convicted drug trafficker, Ross has a long history with the law. It’s unclear how he can still be in public.

Five years ago I wrote about him when Ross was made to pay $300,000 to a blogger he and his crew savagely attacked. Ross was angry the blogger had revealed he’d once been a corrections officer. The blogger’s injuries included a broken eye socket, a broken nose, nerve damage to his face, cheek, upper lip, teeth and gums.


Ironically, Ross is besties with Sean Puff Daddy Combs, who was arrested Monday in Los Angeles for allegedly attacking his son’s football coach at UCLA with a kettle bell. Back in 1999, Combs attacked Steve Stoute, a rival record company exec, by hitting him repeatedly with a Champagne bottle. In 2010, Combs became Ross’s manager and close pal.

The Combs story is worse because he’s very smart. After the Stoute incident, he attended a mandatory one day anger management class.  That was the same year– 1999– when he and Jennifer Lopez were involved in a shoot out in a New York nightclub. His lackey wound up going to jail. Combs has since become the wealthiest of all hip hop and rap stars through clever marketing deals with companies like Ciroc Vodka.

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