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A few weeks ago, everyone was complaining that “Tomorrowland” failed because it was original. Hah!

Pixar’s “Inside Out” is now the highest opening weekend ever- $92 million– for a totally original movie not based on anything or a sequel. It’s not from a comic book, and it’s the second, third, or fourth installment of anything. Isn’t it kind of sad that the entire list of opening weekend records is devoted to those movies?

“Inside Out” is 41st on the list of all time opening weekends including all of those sequels.

This is quite an achievement, and also because the movie is terrific and could be a Best Picture nominee. If you’ve seen it, and by now a lot of people have, you know it.

Meanwhile “Jurassic World,” not original but another excellent studio film, made $102 million this weekend and finished at number 1. It fell just a notch short of $400 million total, but will cross that line tomorrow.

As I wrote yesterday “Love & Mercy,” the Beach Boys movie, expanded by 220 theaters and made less money than it did last week. That party is over. Wouldn’t be nice if Roadside Attractions knew how to market a movie? I hate to say ‘I Told you so.’

“Cinderella” crosses the $200 million mark tomorrow. Disney is having quite the year with “Cinderella,” “Age of Ultron,” and “Inside Out.” “Tomorrowland” is just an aberration, although it’s still possible it will make $100 million.

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