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Janet Jackson’s album and world tour are on pace. This week she released a little video clip on Twitter of a potential new song. The exciting part is that she’s actually singing, not yodeling hip hop story. Her voice sounds great, very Jacksonian.

Meantime, I spoke with the head of BMG Recorded Music, Jon Cohen, co-founder of Vagrant Records. His company was merged into BMG Music Publishing and now they’re actually running a label, not just a music publisher. (“Vagrant,” Cohen reminds me, “still exists.”)

“We are working this record,” Cohen assured me of Janet’s new release. “And we are wholly invested in funding it. We’re not licensing it. We use a real recording selling staff. We’re in partnership with Janet creatively.”

Cohen says a single from Janet is due imminently– and the album should be delivered in July for a late summer release. They will definitely make the September 30th Grammy eligibility deadline.

Meantime, Janet’s social networking looks like it’s in place. She’s very active on Twitter and Facebook, where you can find videos from the dance auditions for her tour.

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