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Madonna’s video of “Bitch I’m Madonna” was a production disaster, I’m told. UPDATE It’s finally been released to YouTube after only being on JayZ’s pay per view system Tidal.

The video is filled with cameos by contemporary stars like Beyonce and Jay Z, and is basically a mess. I’m told that Madge either kicked out director Jonas Akerlund or he just left because of the chaos. “Madonna wants what she wants,” says a source.

Once the video was shot it required three weeks of post production. “Everybody was retouched over and over,” another source says.

Madonna micro managed the project, too, coming into the city from her various country locales to nitpick over nonsensical things.

“It’s her worst song ever,” adds one critic. Well, the reality is, she did it well on the Tonight show, but the momentum from that is long gone. Too bad, too, because as one participant says, “She had to pay for it herself.”

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