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Donald Trump has announced his presidential candidacy, and is now a target for everything. He can take it.

But he does have at least one really big fan: Richard Ebers, aka the Ticket Man. Ebers is the most famous ticket scalper in New York. He’s been featured in the New York Times. A few years ago, after being a one man Stub Hub, he joined another entertainment company that sells secondary market tickets to concerts and sporting events. Then they were bought by Creative Artists Agency.

Richard Ebers is famous for getting tickets to events where there are no seats. He also loves Donald Trump. Ebers has donated almost $2 million over the last four years to the Donald J. Trump Foundation. He’s the foundation’s largest donor by miles, Trump at one point did get $1 million out of the World Wrestling Foundation.

Right now the Donald Trump Foundation claims $1.37 million in total assets. In 2013, according to their federal tax filing, they gave away $913,075 to a variety of worthy charities. There wasn’t a single questionable item. The most unusual entry was a donation to the Trump Foundation from Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox Foundation for $10,000.

I spoke to Richie Ebers briefly today. All he said was he really liked Donald Trump. Otherwise, he said, he was not at liberty to say why he’d given him almost $2 million. He said, mysteriously, that maybe he could explain it in the future.

Meantime, if you need tickets to anything, now we know who to call.



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