Home Media Rupert Murdoch’s Sons to Take Over Fox, News Corp; Daughter Not Mentioned,...

What a morning! CNBC got the scoop– Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as the head of 21st Century Fox and News Corp. In comes his two sons, James, and Lachlan, who will run the company. There’s no mention yet of daughter Elisabeth, who a lot of people thought would play a role — she’s had her own successful TV company. News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal is reporting the story but so far the New York Post is staying away from it. No word on what happens to Rebekah Brooks, who with James Murdoch was part of the phone hacking scandal in the UK. She’s in the U.S. now. Does she get to play a role? Murdoch, a voluble Twitter tweeter, hasn’t made a peep at all. Rupert is 84 and seems a little out of it at this point. We’ll be hearing more shortly about how this all went down. Prince Charles should take notes.

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