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Now that the shock is settling down, media watchers are wondering: how did CNBC, a liberal news outlet that is hostile to the Murdoch empire break the story of Rupert’s succession and the toppling of his empire?

David Faber of CNBC broke the story before 10am today. This left the Wall Street Journal and New York Post twisting in the wind. In the past, Murdoch has used the WSJ to break his news. Sources say he was clearly skunked. The Post was reduced to using a Reuters report and only posted it very late in the news cycle.

Who could have done such a thing? This is like a Shakespearean drama, with plenty of characters roaming around in the background with their own agendas.

Meantime, it’s clear in hindsight that something else is going on here. Buried in recent reports about the News Corp move to 2 World Trade Center is that James Murdoch, now to be named co CEO with his brother Lachlan, led the way. He was cited yesterday in a piece on VanityFair.com and in other reports, for overseeing the design of the new headquarters.

Still waiting to hear about Elisabeth Murdoch and her role, and what happens to Rebekah Brooks…

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