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Everyone simmer down. I have confirmed that Adele is NOT the singer of theme song for “Spectre,” the new James Bond movie.

British tabs have been jumping up and down about Adele doing a repeat after “Skyfall” was such a hit.

But it’s not her. Adele is working on a new album for a fall release, and I’m sure it will be lovely. But the James Bond folks went for someone new.

The info is under lock and key. But I’m told that Sam Smith, this year’s Adele, is in the running. Who else could it be? It’s likely a male vocalist after the Adele hit, to keep things different. Josh Groban would be too operatic. Who else would be good? Bruno Mars would be an excellent choice. Adam Levine? Bond songs tend not to be choppy. They are anthemic. The worst ones were by Madonna, and by Alicia Keys. I think after “Skyfall,” the next Bond song will be melodic. Again, Smith or Mars are good choices.

But no Adele, sorry. On to new things !

One last look back:


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