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Michael Fassbender: What were you doing in 2009? That was six years ago, my friends. That’s when we all met Michael Fassbender in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” from his Cary Grant-like turn in the spectacular bar scene with Diane Kruger. Two years ago he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in “12 Years a Slave.” George Clooney made a famous joke about his work in “Shame” on the Oscars.

He’s also been one of the X Men.

But wait: this year, Fassbender comes into the fall with two potential Oscar nominations– as “MacBeth” in a new Shakespeare adaptation of the Scottish play; and as Steve Jobs in the movie about the Apple genius written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle.

Last night I ran into Fassbender at the premiere party for a movie called “Testament of Youth,” which stars his beautiful girlfriend, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. They met while making “A Light Between Oceans,” which also comes out this fall. Indeed, Vikander has five big films scheduled for this fall and winter. She’s currently on screen in “Ex Machina.” If you don’t know her now, trust me, by Christmas Day Alicia Vikander’s name will be better known to you than your mother’s.

The couple looked, as tabloids might say, “cozy” last night, and “very much together.” Fassbender, however, hasn’t changed since I met him six years ago. He seemed pretty jolly and unimpressed. I think he’ll stay that way. I did ask him after playing Steve Jobs, did he understand this enigmatic genius?

“Yes, I think so,” Fassbender said, after thinking about it.  His best line: “I worship his intellect.” He also added that it was a challenge to play Jobs because he looks nothing like him. But actually, I think he’ll pull it off. Fassbender has a rare intensity and focus, much like Jobs’.

Meanwhile, no could stop praising “Testament of Youth” and director James Kent. The film opens Friday in New York and L.A.

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