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Friday night lights: “San Andreas” brought in $18.2 million on Friday night because, well, there was nothing else to see. There are predictions of $45-$48 million for the weekend. But that may be overzealous. We’ll see.

“Aloha” came in 5th, and earned $3.6 million. If it makes $10 million for the weekend, everyone will get grass skirts. The first eight minutes are actually available on YouTube for free. That should be enough for anyone. Sony knows it, too.


“Tomorrowland” is still playing.

Originality is not the problem with either “Aloha” or “Tomorrowland.” Those arguments are just steam being blown up the internet’s behind by fake pundits. These are just bad movies. In the fall, when all the Oscar movies are out, the same “writers” will opine about the triumph of original movies.

Go outside.

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